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    Notepad++ is a free text editor with programming languages syntax support. This open source application is characterized by a wide range of functions and low resource usage. Free Notepad++ has numerous advanced options for convenient work with the text. Under certain programming languages the highlighting of operators and code blocks folding is provided. Notepad++ ensures a high performance speed and a small program size completely free of charge.

    Notepad++ key capabilities:

    • Viewed windows dynamic changing;

    • Words auto-dialing;

    • Drag&drop technology support;

    • Scaling and multi-viewing;

    • Possibility of making notes;

    • Macro recording and execution.

    Notepad++ is a smart source code editor that supports such wide-spread programming languages as C++, C#, PHP, SQL, JavaScript etc. Download Notepad++ for free and try new possibilities of a usual text editor. Notepad++ provides text highlighting option, independent definition of a programming language, simultaneous viewing and editing of several text documents. The users may customize highlighting and auto-save options to make their work pleasant and convenient.

    Download Notepad++ free of charge and enjoy simplified text editing!

    Program information
    Current version: 6.7
    File size: 7.6 Mb
    License: Freeware
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